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3 Secrets From Confusion To Confidence 

Join The Webinar To Discover Proven Techniques For Successful Newborn Parenting.

100000+ families

Since 2009 Dr.Pallavi has impacted thousands of families through this webinar.

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Growing at a rapid pace, SPARSH PARENTING HUB is truly becoming one of the largest communities dedicated to parents.

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To Create Young Leaders


Parents will gain confidence in meeting their baby's basic needs and in promoting their overall health and wellbeing.

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New Born Care


The knowledge shared here will help parents interpret their baby's cues,understand their needs and foster healthy growth and development.

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Sparsh Community Hub


THE Course will equip parents with practical STRATEGIES and techniques for effective parenting. This includes learning how to soothe a crying baby, Establish routines and sleep patterns, promoting a nurturing environment for their newborn and much more

About Me

Pallavi Deshmukh

Hey Awesome Parents...

I am Dr.Pallavi Deshmukh..

Child specialist and a newborn expert.

I am into practice since last 15 years and with a strong foundation in peadiatric medicine...I have gained a significant expertise in newborn care specifically. I have worked with more than 50,000 families sharing my knowledge and mindset to develop a successful child parent relationship.

I am passionate about providing comprehensive health care to newborns and their families, ensuring that they receive the best possible start in their life. I believe in the power of early intervention and preventive care to set the stage for a lifetime of health and happiness. I am here to support and guide parents through this exciting journey. I am here to help you and provide the best care possible for your precious little one.


1. Is this webinar only for new moms?

No, This webinar is not exclusively for new moms.It is open to all the parents and caregivers of newborns who are seeking guidance and support in newborn parenting.

2. How long will be the session and what all will be covered?
  • The session will be 2 hrs session .
  • The topics covered in the webinar will generally revolve around newborn care, parenting strategies.
  • Example -Newborn care essentials.
  • Developmental milestones
  • Common parenting concerns
  • Breastfeeding challenges.
3. How should I prepare myself before the webinar?
  • Prepare your questions.
  • Jot down your questions so that you can ask them during the webinar.
  • Take notes during the webinar.
  • Be open to learning and engagement.
  • Set realistic expectations.
4. Will you be offering any paid programs during the webinar?

Yes, paid membership levels are offered during the webinar.


Dr.Pallavi is very friendly.She heard us patiently and gave her sufficient time explaining the issue and how to manage it.She has given lot of practical solutions for day to day problem of kids.More than medications She suggests healthy food and habits.Earlier we were visiting couple of other pediatricians but now we might visit this Dr.Pallavi regularly.

   Dinesh Babu

Dr Pallavi Deshmukh is hands down the best pediatrician I have ever consulted for my daughter.I was running from one doctor to another to treat my daughter's persistent cough.Finally I consulted Dr Pallavi after hearing great reviews about her.She was successfully able to diagnose and treat my daughter after hospitalising her for 3 days.She and her staff are at Parth hospital are extremely professional,kind, down to earth and very professional.Dr.Pallavi went out of her way in arranging a room for my daughter and I will forever remain indebted to her.She brought a smile in our face.

Madhulika Nag

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